10 Ways To Optimize Restaurant Advertising Programs

The restaurant industry is a demanding and competitive beast. Eateries must develop a powerful restaurant advertising program to differentiate themselves. Implementing the below tips can make the difference.



1. Preserve press releases

Press releases are free advertising tools. They play a crucial role in notifying the public about eatery developments, industry happenings, and local merchants. It is important to note that not all press releases are published. Restaurants that have these media tools published need to preserve the news. Do this by having the press release framed or mounted on a plaque. Having the plaque customized with the eatery and publication date takes the news to a more professional level.

Releases published in print literature, like newspapers or magazine, can be clipped and preserved. Those releases published strictly online can be printed up and processed accordingly.

2. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube receives over one billion visitors annually. Industry statistics state it is the second largest search engine in existence. Uploading videos to an individualized channel is perfect for sharing and preserving restaurant information. Marketing studies state customers prefer watching videos over reading written content. Taking advantage of this platform is crucial for overall success.

Make certain to have videos produced by a reputable company, like That’s Great News, to assure excellence and quality. Professionals have a firm understanding about all elements of the video world.

3. Customer review plaques

Customers love reading what others have to say. Some eateries have comment cards, signed menus and/or other literature. Consider taking these written customer reviews and having them professionally mounted on a wooden or acrylic plaque.

4. Cooking demonstration videos

Everyone loves watching cooking demonstrations. Make a video of your favorite chef preparing a popular menu item. Working with a trained videographer will make certain the video has all the elements needed for success.

5. Framed magazine article

Published articles are another sign of success. They exude a level of expertise that others hope to achieve. Clipping these articles and having them framed is the perfect way to preserve and share news with others. Online articles can be printed up and taken to a professional mounter.

6. Framed newspaper write-up

Write-ups are the term given to newsworthy information written by others. Having this information preserved and framed will provide years of enjoyment.

7. Interview videos

Being interviewed is a sign of success. It is a great way to promote the eatery and its offerings, show uniqueness, and provide insight into the management team. Make a video of the event to preserve and share with others.

8. Recognition plaques

Plaques are fantastic ways to share recognition news. Eateries can receive all types of recognitions including industry achievements, community involvement, sports team awards, service awards, and/or other appropriate accomplishments.

9. Utilize social media

Social media involvement is essential for restaurant advertising success. Concentrate efforts on only a few sites to stay focused. Develop a powerful profile. Social media encourage a more personalized approach. Industry statistics state that customers prefer dealing with eateries that utilize social media.

10. Optimize a website

Websites are perfect advertising tools. Keep content current to increase viewer lead generation, trust, and loyalty. Upload videos to the site. Include links to videos and social media accounts to improve exposure.

Eateries that implement the above optimization tips will assure their advertising program stands out from the rest. Consulting with a professional will save money, time, and frustration.