What Does The Word “Plaque” Mean to You?

The word plaque sounds strange. As a person who answers the phone at the office, it is very rare that the ear on the other end understands what I mean when I say- “We are a plaque company”. Even better, through email the word plaque appears in multiple variations, some humorous and some bizarre. I thought I would share a few “all stars” with you. 649012784815

  • Plague- A personal favorite, although I am pretty sure it is illegal to sell such a thing!
  • Plack- Reminds me of something kids throw at each other.
  • Plake- I believe this is what whales eat.
  • Placue- French perhaps?
  • Plaqcue- See above
  • Plaque- Mouth kind…yuck!
  • Plakard- I got nothing.
So while there are numerous variations, the word plaque represents an image or writing that appears on a wall. They can symbolize memories, ownership, achievements etc. Plaques have been used for hundreds of years to honor fallen soldiers and commemorate important historical dates. A plaque is more than an object, it embodies the human ability to succeed or do something honorable.
When you are honored with any sort of recognition, it should not be lost to time. Whether it is a news article or a certificate, it is important to preserve that fleeting moment by having it professionally adhered to a plaque that will withstand the elements; besides it is much better than accidentally purchasing the plague. Click below to start your process of receiving your own commemorative plaque.
What do you think of when you hear the word plaque? Please share below.