15 Minutes to Becoming a Better Writer

You’ve been there. Staring at a blank page on your computer screen, looking at your notes, and wondering where to start writing that next masterpiece. Is it the title? Should the tone be newsy or feature-y? Is a little comedy appropriate, or are we looking at a potential a four-hanky saga? Writers’ block is like a muscle cramp in your brain, and until you stop it from seizing up, you’re not going anywhere. Instead of writhing in frustration behind your computer, take a break and do some exercises to clear your head and start writing with a fresh perspective in just minutes.

Think Food. Write about each item you’ve eaten that day, but write in haiku form.

  • Think Firsts. Write a paragraph about a first for you – first kiss, first time riding a bicycle, each first day of school you can remember. Make it descriptive.
  • Think About Your Subject. Go through your notes, find your favorite facts or a quote or anecdote, and write a sentence about it. Sometimes writers can’t see the story for the details, so taking one detail out of many may help prioritize the rest of the story. Write “around” the detail you’ve chosen, and your angle will be more enjoyable and easier to write.

Make a Break From the Block
Sometimes, writers’ block isn’t really a block, but an inability to concentrate because of a physical distraction like fatigue, eye strain, brain strain or hunger. Before you try these quick writing exercises, have a snack, take a quick stroll around the room or around the block, or just take your eyes off the screen for a few minutes and talk through some details. Break up the monotonous rut you’re stuck in, and you’ll be writing the next Time Magazine cover story in no time. When you do, frame it the right way with custom article mounting – proof that writers’ block can’t stop success.

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