Recognition plaques are perfect ways to celebrate great news- they can be for you, family members, or colleagues!

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recognition plaqueTransform your great news into a recognition plaque that you can treasure for years to come. Even better your recognition plaque will be customized so it has that nice personal touch. Whether you plan on hanging it in your office, business, or home- your recognition plaque will be a constant reminder of your moment in the press!

Four Parts To A Recognition Plaque

1. Select only the finest quality wood. Walnut, oak, mahogany and piano wood are your best choices.

2. Have the wood finished with a traditional stain that bring out the richness and character of the wood, or select an elegant paint finish like shiny black piano paint.

3. Include a custom laser engraved inscription on a gold metal plate, telling the world the details of your great news.

4. Have your plaque laminated for lasting beauty.


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