“What goes on the personalized nameplate?” – This question must pop up nearly 50 times a day.


Here is the easy answer- “Whatever you want” (Gets to the point, but it doesn’t really give you any direction)

Here is the typical answer- “On line 1: name, line 2: business, line 3: month/year of publication” (Yes, a tad boring but still effective)

Here is the best answer- “Do something original. Be unique. There is no wrong nameplate.” (Customize the plaque with the recipient in mind)

In all honestly, the best nameplates have sincere messages. If your son just scored the championship touchdown- you finally have a chance to be cheesy without embarrassing him in front of his friends! I will never forget the gentleman who was purchasing a plaque for his wife. Being the incredibly intelligent man he was, he chose a quote from Einstein – Why? He told me that he felt his wife’s intelligence was of the same caliber. Clearly, so was his!

Quick Tips:

  • Vulgarity on a plaque is not the way to go unless the recipient would really appreciate it. To each their own!
  • Know your audience! Not every plaque is the same so not every plate should be either.
  • Be as memorable as possible. At least shoot for some brownie points!


That being said- You are now informed enough to create an unforgettable nameplate! Good luck!

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