lucinda acrylic plaque inc 500 smallThe traditional laminated wood plaque has a new partner in framed article displays with the introduction of the Lucinda Series of Acrylic Plaques.“The Lucinda acrylic plaque is an exciting and handsome addition to our product line that responds to the desire for a more contemporary way to display articles and stories,” says Bob Roscoe, CEO of That’s Great News. “We’ve taken framed newspaper and magazine plaques to a new level.”
Stunning New Effect
The Lucinda acrylic plaques use a special entrapment system that permanently displays and protects the featured article for maximum impact and durability. Four stainless steel, satin finished offsets allow the plaques to be mounted off a wall, creating a dramatic visual effect.
White Glove Treatment
Like its wood plaque counterpart, the Lucinda acrylic plaques come in a variety of sizes that accommodate articles from one to six pages in length. “We are so proud of the Lucinda line that we include a pair of white gloves with each plaque so that it can be mounted without any distracting fingerprints” said Roscoe.
Plaque Companions
The Lucinda acrylic plaques also come as Plaque Companions, another introduction to the custom plaque line of products. Plaque companions are attractive, versatile and low cost additions to custom framed plaque articles. They come in easel and wall mounts
  • Extend your newsworthy article to multiple rooms, walls, bookshelves, and desks.
  • Use them to recognize and motivate employees.
  • Decorate smaller spaces.

Have an article you’d like framed? We’ll show you how good it will look. Click here for a free preview.

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