Let me get right into it, we have all seen what happens to great newspaper articles over time and it is not pretty. Not only does the paper fade and discolor- over time it literally begins to disintegrate. So now we know the problem- here is the solution- have your article laminated onto a personalized wall plaque!649012784573

At That’s Great News we are in the business of celebrating accomplishments. Great news comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s the grand opening of a barber shop and sometimes it’s the retirement of a valued colleague and leader. Success can be measured in so many ways and its’ value is based on how you choose to respond to the recognition.

In the end, transforming your newspaper article into a personalized wall plaque does five great things.

  • Validates your hard work.
  • Provides you the opportunity to personalize your article.
  • Offers you the chance to commemorate a great moment in a family member, friend or colleagues’ life.
  • Brings your newspaper article to life.
  • Most importantly- prevents your newspaper from being a victim of time. Click below to request your digital preview.
Key Takeaway: Ask yourself this- What lasts longer: paper or wood? Do not let your newspaper articles lose their value.

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