Are you in a Top List? Has your business been listed as one of the top companies in your industry? If so, how do you plan on letting current and potential customers know about your recognition?

Frame Your Newspaper or Magazine Article

A custom framed wall plaque is not only a wonderful piece for your wall, it carries meaning and represents your achievements in your industry.

Custom Wall Plaques & Top Lists- A perfect combinationlucinda acrylic plaque inc 500 small

  • Long lasting. Our plaques are made with the finest materials ensuring your article lasts a lifetime.
  • Durable. You can showcase your wall plaques at workshops and exhibitions.
  • Designed to fit your styling needs. Each plaque is customized with your choice of traditional wood or our new, modern acrylic Lucinda Series. You choose the finish and trim that will perfectly compliment other pieces in your hanging location.
  • Inspirational. The great news in your articles can do more than boast about your accomplishments. They can become an inspiration to those around you. Whether it is your friends, family, clients, customers, or employees, your news article plaques can serve as motivational tools.
Success noted by third parties is a tribute to your hard work and determination and should have a permanent spot in your office or home.
Even better, your feature and ranking does not have to stop with a wall plaque. Our plaque companions make a wonderful addition to any desk or waiting area. Smaller in size, you can gift each employee who contributed to you making the list!
Click below and allow us to take your feature on a top list and turn it into a custom wall plaque.

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