Winning awards for business excellence is a coveted task that many businesses attempt and at which a chosen few succeed. The simple truth is that customers want to work with businesses who have proven their worth in the marketplace, their industry, or field. So, not only should a business strive to achieve such recognition, but they should then share that attention-grabbing news by using an article mounting or award mounting option to proudly display this accomplishment.


Let’s take a look at a really great example of how this tactic can be put into practice to attract additional business. According to a recent article in Inc. Magazine, the CEO of Vertical Response and marketing expert, Janine Popick, has plenty of reason to be proud. Her team has won the Inc 500/5000 award for a consecutive 5 years. She describes how she initially felt about entering to be considered for such an award, afraid it was both time and monetarily consuming with potential for little return. After the first win, however, she quickly learned this was not the case.


Popick goes on to describe the four ways in which award-winning benefits a business, one of which being that sales tend to come more easily for award-winning businesses. This is simply because an award demonstrates the care, attention to detail, and dedication given to the company’s products and services, and that is something in which prospective new customers are interested.


“But you can’t just ‘win’ an award,” says Popick, “you need to win AND tell everyone you won. We…use the term ‘award-winning’ wherever possible…and if we had a store window we’d put it there too.


Winning Customers with Custom Award Mounting

If you have a notable award or recognition, you should want to hang it in your “store window” just like Popick. This translates to the best possible position for maximum customer exposure. And, our 1-Page Plaque option is the perfect choice for displaying your well-deserved achievement.

lucinda acrylic plaque inc 500 small

The 1-Page Plaque comes in two available options, including the traditional wood plaque and the acrylic plaque, both of which offer the latest in innovation and appearance. This way, your customers will know your company is an award-winner who cares about quality and attention to detail.


Ready to see how award mounting can help with your marketing efforts?



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