To win an award, any award, is a momentous occasion for a company. But when that award is the Inc 500/5000, there is real reason to celebrate. The Inc 500/5000 is a list of the fastest growing, privately-held companies in America, that ranks companies according to overall revenue growth over a three-year period.

According to the award information website:

Today, the list is a distinguished editorial award, a celebration of innovation, a network of entrepreneurial leaders, and an effective public relations showcase.

Once the 5,000 honorary companies are selected, they each receive a profile on The top 500 companies from that group are then featured in the September issue of Inc. magazine. And, it’s these selected 500 prestigious companies who have the unique opportunity to preserve this honor while sharing the news with employees, customers, clients, vendors, and anyone else with the opportunity to see the magazine article on display.

Customers want to work with companies that have been recognized for what they do and how well they do it. Custom article framing gives you that opportunity. Employees, too, want to be appreciated for what they’ve done to help the company grow. Show them you’re proud by placing the award recognition article on display.

Go ahead and brag. You’ve earned it!

Put Your Inc. 500/5000 Award on Display
Let everyone know about the honor your company has received by placing a copy of the magazine in a custom preservation frame from That’s Great News. You have the ability to choose from our custom wood mount plaques or our one-of-a-kind Lucinda Acrylic Plaque series, as pictured below. There are also many different display options, from one to six pages, all customized to achieve the best possible outcome to announcing your big news.

See how your award announcement can look by clicking the link below to view the many available options.


lucinda acrylic plaque inc 500 small




Congratulations to the companies ranking in the Top 10 of the Inc 500/5000:

  1. Unified Payments
  2. Astrum Solar
  3. Edge Solutions
  4. Integrity Funding
  5. Gold and Silver Buyers
  6. Capital Payments
  7. AdRoll
  8. Acquia
  9. Red Frog Events
  10. Cartagz

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