When it comes to business, women are making their marks, and they’re doing it at a pace that’s setting records. In fact, a recent report shows that women-owned or women majority-owned businesses grew at a rate twice that of all other U.S. firms between 1997 and 2006. And, according to that same report, the following statistics are known of these dominating firms:

  • There were an estimated 10.4 million privately-held firms;
  • This accounted for two in five (40.2%) of all businesses in the country; and
  • These firms generated $1.9 trillion in annual sales and employed 12.8 million people nationwide.

A Struggle to Rise
Yet, even with this amazing accomplishment, the struggle to find their place within the business world has not been an easy one for women. For many years, women have been attempting to find their place in a once-all-man’s world. Currently, for example, women in mid-cap companies are not noticeably in positions of leadership. A recent story from Reuters, in fact, shows these firms to have women in top leadership positions only 4.5% of the time. The argument made by Georgetown business professor, Catherine Tinsley, who led the study, was that these issues still exist most likely because of discrimination or a lack of support for mothers with smaller children.

While the debate rages on about whether women’s issues and proverbial glass ceiling still exists, what any woman will tell you is that regardless of her position, it takes hard work, perseverance, and real determination to make a difference and stand out.

A Reason to Be Proud
Finding success in business is a reason to celebrate. And, if you’re a woman who has worked diligently to get where you are and are tasting some sweet success, then it’s your time to not only enjoy this moment, but ensure it will last a while. That’s where framed magazine articles come in.

If, like the women in this year’s issue, you find yourself on Fortune Magazine’s list of the Most Powerful Women, or even just featured as a business owner in your local paper, that’s reason to celebrate and show it off. So, make sure this memory will last a long time with a custom framing treatment that will not only preserve the article, but also present it in such a way, you’ll be proud to see it every day and have your customers see it, too.


lucinda acrylic plaque inc 500 small

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
By custom framing your magazine or newspaper articles with That’s Great News, you’ll find quality and great customer service. That’s because we not only offer the highest quality materials for the best preservation and display possible, we do so with a FREE online preview before you order, no-obligation to purchase, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Be proud of your amazing accomplishment. Join the prestigious class of women who have not only made great strides in their fields, but also chosen to tell others about it with a framed magazine article from That’s Great News.


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