It doesn’t take being in business for a long time to understand how important it is to grasp the needs and demands of customers. After all, how are you going to deliver the products and services they need, or remain flexible enough to ebb and flow with changing trends if you’re not in touch with those individuals or businesses who drive your revenue?

It requires listening. It requires listening intensely. It requires listening on multiple levels and across multiple channels. It requires customer listening.

What is Customer Listening?
Not too long ago, a company could pick up the phone or send out a postcard and receive in return some answers to a survey that gave management an idea of what was working and what was not in terms of marketing. It’s also easy to see that just as long ago, there wasn’t near the competition in consumer products as there is today, nor were there the myriad communication and marketing channels.

Now, fast forward to today and consumers have options when it comes to almost any everyday thing they may need to purchase. They are also receiving information and targeted messages from a variety of sources and directions as businesses invest in multi-channel marketing approaches meant to consume and persuade. What this means for all businesses is an intensified need to meet the customers on the customers’ terms and listen to what they are saying. But listening in this sense has a deeper meaning. It’s “the goal of listening is to capture a full and accurate version of what is being said and then make sense of it in the exact same way that the customer intended.”

It’s leveraging social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. It’s connecting through networking sites like LinkedIn. It’s utilizing existing resources to invite customers to engage with the company directly via webcasts, forums, and focus groups.

We Did It!
At That’s Great News, customer listening is a large part of how we do business. It’s how we end up with styles that are directly in line with the styles and brands of our customers and their needs; it’s how we devised the concept for the Lucinda Acrylic Plaque series (a first-of-its-kind article mount in the industry); and it’s how we are now able to be first to market with a video plaque offering that allows our customers to preserve their greatest moments on film.

As Wilson Mizner, American playwright, raconteur, and entrepreneur, once said, “A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something.” Customer listening pays off and the ongoing and beneficial relationships we have with our loyal customers are a testimony to just that.

lucinda acrylic plaque inc 500 small

See Yourself in it, Today
If you, your company, product, or someone you know has been featured in a newspaper or magazine article, it’s time to have it preserved for years to come. And, we’ll show you just how great your article will look for FREE with a no-obligation online preview. Just click below, give us a few simple details, and we’ll email you a proof of just how great your custom mount will look within 24-48 hours.


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