Every holiday season, many gift-givers dread buying for that one person who has everything. But, when it comes to sports enthusiasts, the perfect gift could be a memorial to their favorite player or team’s crowning achievement.

Custom Article Mounting Creates One-of-a-Kind Display
Whether it’s the New York Daily News cover story about a Super Bowl-winning Giants football team, the San Francisco Chronicle article about the baseball Giants’ sweep in 2012 or coverage of a specific beloved athlete, custom sports mounts don’t have to feature recent articles. Many times, sports fans collect team memorabilia. A true fan – even one whose team hasn’t achieved much lately – will appreciate coverage of historical wins and all-time-great players. What’s more, with custom article mounting the gift giver can personalize the plaque with a nameplate that assigns the recipient the title, “Number One Fan.”

Find old newspaper articles, sports photos and magazine covers from online sources and turn them into unique gifts that any super-fan would be proud to own. Those historical articles should be preserved with a method such as the That’s Great News Lucinda Acrylic Series, which houses articles away from walls and encases them within protective acrylic. The words are easy to read, but protected from humidity in the air and the oil in fingertips that can permanently mar old paper.649012927316aug10

Creative Recon Helps Create Perfect Gift Plaque
If you’re unsure about where to find articles and photos to mount, or which ones your sports fan will most appreciate, either bring them into the search or get subversive. Of course, if you plan on using an article the fan already owns, it’s best to get permission. The professionally preserved, sleek look of custom article mounting will still be a pleasant surprise, giving the recipient a truly unique memento that will last for generations.

If you’re ready to create your perfect gift plaque, there’s no better time than now. See how good your article will look in a custom article frame with a FREE, no-obligation, online preview from That’s Great News. Start here:


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