The Inc 500 is a list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Firms of all sizes can benefit from this annual list. The list itself is compiled and published by the popular business icon known as Inc. With a 30-year history for providing excellence in all aspects of business operations, it can surely help your firm in a number of ways.


1. For in-house meetings

Company meetings are standard protocol for successful operations. Keep your audience interested by having a variety of visual tools available. Industry statistics report that viewers prefer seeing visual aids rather than written text. Visual tools add life, improve memory, and spark curiosity. Aids can make information easier to understand.

Consider having the cover of the Inc. 500 professionally displayed on an acrylic plaque that contains an engraved name plate. Use this as an aid during your meeting. Holding up the plaque and using it as a presentation tool will definitely cause attendees to sit up and pay attention. Use the plaque to highlight what management hopes to accomplish. Since the list members only exude excellence, competence and perseverance, presenters can emphasize these as the desired traits throughout the speech.

2. For client acquisitions

Firms only succeed by building a loyal and strong customer base. They continually need to seek out new business. Every company must have an effective client acquisition program in place as part of its marketing strategy. The program must include a powerful, informative and professional script. The script must be presented in an easy-to-understand method. A key component of the client acquisition presentation could be a powerful visual aid. While discussing how your company can solve the potential client’s needs, you can hold up an acrylic plaque that contains the cover of Inc 500 list publication. Start discussing how your company emulates different characteristics of list members. When done effectively, this will impress.

3. Promote list success

Businesses included in the prestigious 500 list can preserve the information via a plaque. The plaque comes with a customized engraved name area. Company executives can have an acrylic desktop marquee version done. Placing this marquee on the desk or award area will definitely spark conversations and inspiration. A wooden plaque will definitely add a prestigious touch to any award wall.

4. Make a video

Statistics show that consumers love receiving information in video form. Consulting with a professional videographer, like That’s Great News, can provide the competent results you need to enhance your marketing program and online exposure. Videos can be uploaded to your YouTube channel, your website and other online venues. You can also include links in your email communications, throughout your social media world and on all offline marketing collateral.

5. For inspiration

Almost nothing will inspire others more than seeing a professionally done Inc 500 plaque hanging on a company wall. You can choose from either the cover alone or a two-page version. The two-page version includes the actual list members. This publication has been providing inspiration for years. Making it a part of your company décor will only benefit everyone involved.

Inc 500 is known as a treasured business tool, reference material and entrepreneurial guideline. Finding a way to fit in with your marketing strategy will take your firm to the next level. Consulting with a trained professional will provide valuable insight.

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