Being listed as a member of the Inc 500 list is a goal for all small to mid-sized companies. Preserving this list can help companies in a number of ways, as discussed below.


1. Promote company ideals

List members hold the distinction of being part of the fastest growing enterprises in the United States. Having the list preserved on a solid wood or acrylic plaque is a wonderful way to promote these ideals during presentations. Research shows that audiences prefer visual tools over written matter.

Presenters can talk about list members that exemplify chosen characteristics. They can then go on to discuss how their own company can develop those desired traits. Passing the plaque around the room after the presentation can further inspire and enhance the discussion points.

2. Client acquisition tools

Successful companies realize the importance of having a strong client acquisition program in place. Plaques make excellent acquisition tools.

Companies have a number of options available. They can choose an industry list leader that emulates their own operational areas. They can use the certain characteristic of a list member as a benchmark for success. Highlighting the areas of similarities between the list member and the firm will stimulate interest and motivation.

Companies that are privileged enough to be included in the list will benefit by preserving information in a two-page wooden or acrylic plaque. The two-sided version includes the cover page and all list members, in a side-by-side display. Emphasizing the company name by pointing to it during meetings is a powerful acquisition tool.

3. Enhance ambiance

Professionally done plaques add distinction, elegance, and ambiance to any setting. Companies who develop recognition or achievement walls will enhance their professional image. Lobby areas are perfect places for placing these distinctive plaques.

4. Employee motivators

Motivated employees are productive and happy employees. Management can silently provide continuous stimulation by posting Inc 500 list plaques throughout their facility. This includes the lunch room, meeting rooms, workplace settings and the like.

5. Great conversation pieces

Wooden or acrylic Inc 500 lists make fantastic conversation pieces. This is especially true when professionally produced plaques are customized with the company’s name, date and other appropriate data.

Placing the customized wooden or acrylic Inc 500 list plaque on lobby tables, executive desks and/or other appropriate locations spurs conversations and questions. Viewers will want to know why the list is important to the displayer. This provides the perfect opportunity to discuss company goals, objectives, and industry comparisons.

6. Entertaining and informative media tools 

Industry statistics reveal that individuals prefer watching an entertaining video over reading text. Consider preserving the list and making it the topic of a multistreaming video. This will stimulate viewer’s interest in a company. Videos are also fantastic exposure tools. Consulting with a professional videographer, like those found at That’s Great News, will assure overall success.

Powerful videos have many components. This includes an action-oriented script that uses targeted keywords. It involves presenting that script in a professional manner that is easy-to-understand by all viewers. Good lighting and camera work, direction, production, and distribution all play key roles.

7. Get involved with social media 

Industry statistics state that the majority of customers trust companies that deal with social media. Companies that preserve the list via a video can do their part by joining YouTube and starting their own channel. Upload the videos to the channel. Submit a link to the channel to various social media sites. Place a link onto a website. Developing a video marketing strategy is crucial for overall success.

Consulting with a professional will provide needed insight into how this inspiring list can help companies preserve the information.

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