25 Uses for Custom Article Mounting

There are so many reasons to consider custom article mounting, it’s hard to know where to begin. But we’ve narrowed it down to the top 25 occasions our customers most often choose to preserve using a custom article mount. These include newspaper or magazine articles covering the details of the following:

  1. A wedding announcement
  2. A birth announcement
  3. A death announcement
  4. A promotion announcement
  5. A graduation announcement
  6. A historically-significant marker
  7. Personal community involvement recognition
  8. Personally making it on a top list
  9. Personal authoring of an article
  10. Excelling at sports
  11. Excelling at education
  12. A significant personal contribution (community or monetary)
  13. Personal award recognition
  14. Company press release
  15. Company expansion
  16. Company merger or acquisition
  17. Company approach recognition (service excellence)
  18. Company community involvement recognition
  19. Company award recognition
  20. Company contribution to an article or acting as a subject matter expert
  21. Company making it on a top list
  22. New product or service addition
  23. Customer-initiated recognition
  24. Company human-interest story
  25. A significant company contribution (community or monetary)

Add to the List!

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