3 Crucial Steps to Displaying Your Plaques Effectively

The first thing that a person who is new to your business will see is the lobby, waiting room, or welcome area . The decor of that space can greatly influence the way a person perceives a business. The following are a few tips to maximize that space to make new visitors more comfortable, confident and impressed with your business

  1. Know your business’ style.

One of the biggest potential obstacles in choosing the best fit for decor in your business is not having a designated style. Recognize and establish an identity for how you want your business to be perceived. For example, if you own an internet security firm, chances are you are looking for a sleeker more modern look. Our Lucinda Premium is the perfect complement to this style and is available in both black and clear.

On the other hand, if you have a more traditional feel to your business, the acrylic may look out-of-place on your walls. If your office or lobby has a more traditional or conservative style, our Wood plaques will be a more fitting option and are available in multiple colors and trims.

2. Make sure your plaque style will complement your business’ st20150821_161153_007yle effectively 

Once you know what style will best complement your existing office decor, you will need to choose a color that will also complement this look. For example, if the walls where you plan to display your plaque are white, the Lucinda Premium Clear may not be your best choice as the color of the wall may blend too closely to the white of the article paper. This would be a perfect area to display an article or award on our Lucinda Premium Black plaque. The black background of the plaque will make the article pop off the wall and will draw more attention from a passerby, increasing the number of people who will stop and read the article or award.

3. Make sure you utilize the space in your office effectively

Where you decide to place your plaques is also an important step in making sure that your plaques are being effective and that customers are reading them. For instance, if you have a plaque that features a newspaper article with text that is not easily read from a distance, or may take a minute or two to read, you should have it in a place that is easy and convenient for someone to read. Placing it somewhere that makes it difficult to get close to read, such as behind a reception desk, will deter people from taking the time to read it.

Articles, Awards, and your Company logo are all great ways to show customers walking into your business the success and reputation that you have been recognized for. Follow these 3 steps to maximize their effectiveness and keep those customers coming back!

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