4 keys to framing magazine pages to create a framed article plaque.

We talk all the time about framing magazine pages but what does that actually mean?

What we mean is taking your feature article in a magazine and creating a custom display piece you can be proud to hang on the wall (see photo)

But there has to be more to it aren’t there a lot of companies big and small, local and national who make frames?  Of course there are probably thousands.

What’s the point the point is we have found a way to create a great product and want to share this process and let you learn more about our business.  At That’s Great News we have been taking magazine pages and turning them into custom framed article plaques for a long time. (15 years)

Lets take a look at our process and why it works so well for us and our customers.

Here is what we do with your article:

  1. We don’t need your article just submit your request on our website and we will locate your article in our extensive library of over 6,000 publications.  Keep your original and let us make a frame from a different copy.
  2. We use only the information in your article there will be no ads or other information.  We cut out your article matte to the desired color paper and print each page on to the material.
  3. After preserving your article we layout the article to properly fit on one of our 3 popular plaque styles
  4. To secure against natural deterioration and wear, the article is printed onto the material so the article will last.

 #4 we think is the secret sauce of the business and allows us to send our product with our guarantee.  Not only does the article get air sealed and last forever the process creates a product unmatched in the display business. 

March 25, 2021 by Monique (IA, United States) explains it this way:

“I am completely satisfied with the professionalism and beautiful plaque to remind me of one of the best memories in my life. Thank you for helping me share this with my future generations.”

Framing magazine pages add a Visual Reminder to you and your customers to ensure they are receiving a quality product and great service from you. 

Were you featured on the cover of a magazine, have an article published, or mentioned in a write-up? Being spotlighted in a magazine, whether it’s a local zine or a national publication, is an exciting accomplishment and definitely something to talk about. Be sure to save and display that good press! Ready to get started on your plaque?