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Generational Insight: How to Give Recognition to Generation X

Welcome to Part 3 in our five-part series of generational insight, where we take a close look at how best to provide recognition to members of specific generations. So far, we’ve discussed the Mature generation and Baby Boomers, and in this blog, we are going to take a close look at Generation X and what seems to make its members tick.

X Marks the Spot
Generation X is comprised of approximately 44 to 50 million individuals, all born between 1965 and 1980. While it is smaller than the generations before and after it, its members have not let this stop them in their mission to make a mark on the world.

Some of the most common characteristics we can identify include:

 Recognizing Generation X
When faced with the task of needing to recognize a member of Generation X, here are some tips:

The perfect example of how to make this work for a Gen Xer is to recognize him or her individually in a clearly stated or written feature, such as a newspaper or magazine article. It should define the accomplishment, name exactly what he or she independently contributed to the project or effort, and then acknowledge his or her talents, skills or traits.

The Next Step
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