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5 Advantages of Being In The News!

Business owners are some of the most innovative, driven people on this planet. As Forbes magazine indicated, small businesses are the foundation of this country and help power the economy. Their effort is endless. But more often than not their efforts go relatively unnoticed. Sure, their family and friends may leave a compliment here and there, and hopefully they turn a profit regularly, but rarely are there concrete commendations.

That’s not to say it never happens, though. People are recognized for their hard work everyday. Many of these people are business owners of all sizes. Mom-and-pop shops, individual chains, and corporations all receive publicized recognition from time to time. One of the best forms of commendation there can be for a business is being recognized by a newspaper or magazine.

A magazine or newspaper will gives an unbiased opinion of a how the community may view you. It’s an official review of your efforts! So, when you receive a positive response from someone who has nothing to gain by giving you praise, it is time to consider a few the following: “What does this mean about what I am doing? How can I use this to my advantage? Where do I go from here?” And most importantly: “What do I do with this press?”

There are many advantages that you can gain by being featured in any media outlet. Once you are featured, you must capitalize on these advantages to gain an edge on your competitors. After all, being recognized as the best around is the ultimate goal isn’t it?

Here are 5 benefits when your business is featured in an article:

1. Your success is showcased

This is the most apparent benefit and really needs no explaining. Right now, your hard work is paying off. You have finally been given the recognition that often turns mildly successful businesses into hugely profitable ones. What you dreamed about when you started the operation is beginning to take shape. This could very well be the most pivotal time in your businesses life.

2. Business is promoted locally and even nationally

What has been published is being read by the members of your community. These are the people who really matter. They are your target audience. And one of their main concerns is finding a name that they can trust. So, it is absolutely critical that you cater to these people RIGHT NOW because nothing says “trust me” like good press.

You can ensure that the consumers you are focusing on are presented with your feature article by understanding where they get their information. If it’s social media, flood TwitterFacebook, or Instagram with links and pictures of your listing. Do they subscribe to newsletters? Well you better make sure to tell them when and where to look for you before the article is published. Making these efforts will have your target audience running into your arms like a dog reunited with its owner.

If you had the good fortune of being featured in a nationally circulated publication the chances are that your target market will come across it on their own. But hey, this is the best coverage you could ever dream of! Don’t be afraid to flaunt your stuff. Still do everything you can to make your customers aware of your recent triumphs.  At That’s Great News we like to call this “celebrating your successes!”

3. Confirms that things are working

Good press is a form of reinforcement that tells you what you have been doing is working. Stay on course. Keep doing what got you here. Enjoy this wave of success and ride it to its peak. Do not fall into complacency, however, as this is the optimal time to begin presenting survey’s and studying the responses of your customers to see if there is anything they would like to see rearranged, added or deleted. Ensure you will have the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve when times are changing.

4. Enhances investor and employee recruitment

Example wood That's Great News Plaque

After being acknowledged for your growing success as a business it isn’t uncommon to see a spike in interest of your company. This could come from consumers, investors, or employee applicants. When you’ve been recognized in a publication for what your company does well and the success you’ve had doing it, naturally there will be people who want to become part of it. You can hone in on these new faces to pick the ones who give your company the best opportunity for growth!

People in the workforce are looking for a steady position they can hold for years, maybe for life. Ideally, they aren’t looking for just another job; they want something they can turn into a career. Media coverage documenting your achievements will provide a statement that screams, “I am here to stay!” Use this time to accept applications to discover if anyone screams back, “I will be a great asset!” 

Speaking of assets, you can never have enough liquid assets. This is money that isn’t tied up in other ventures and can be used in order to grow business at a faster pace. There is a chance that by having a great article in a popular publication you can attract interest from investors willing to help move you along. Investors will always want a share of the profits but if analyzed correctly you can turn your successful business into a money making machine.

5.  Can be displayed for further advertisement

An article in any publication is a great advertisement of who you are as a business and the success you’ve endured. But usually, these articles are only in one issue of a newspaper or magazine and then thrown away and forgotten within a month. This makes it harder for you to show off what you’ve done and the accomplishments you’ve accumulated. But what if there was a way to remind your consumers of the success you’ve had over the years?

Thankfully, there is! Certain companies specialize in memorializing the success of others. That’s Great News is the leader in article preservation, receiving virtually every publication in North America on a daily basis.

Their work includes laminating the article, mounting it on an acrylic plaque, wood and metal options! and heat-sealing it to prevent yellowing or wear. It comes with a custom engraving and the header of the publication you were featured in. But what really sets them apart is their 30-Day Inspection Period.

Preserving your press is a fantastic way to let new customers see firsthand your achievements. It will serve as a timeline that documents where you have been and where you are headed. New customers can be “wowed” the moment they step through your doors with a collection of years of good press. It’ll really present your business in a positive light that would never have been known otherwise.

If you own a business, strive everyday to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. In time you will be rewarded in some way. If that reward comes in the form of good press, use this press to your advantage in every way possible. The way you utilize your press can be the difference in “making a living” and “making a killing!” Good luck, entrepreneurs!

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