5 Interesting Facts About Using Social Media For Restaurants

Industry statistics reveal that 9 out of 10 restaurants utilize social media. This is an average of 89%. That figure is projected to increase each year. Below are some facts to understand about how digital marketing can improve customer loyalty, exposure, and lead generation.


1. Apps play a role

Increasing numbers of consumers are using mobile devices to access restaurant menus, find available locations, and learn more about satisfying their culinary wishes.

Menus are the most popular and common feature of restaurant apps. An impressive 96% of eateries place their menus on their app. Industry statistics state that an average of 65% of restaurants also use a search feature/ The search feature is based on local GPS. This is powerful for bringing in last minute customers. Remember that there will always be out-of-town business people and/or visitors looking for local eateries. A well-developed app can suit their purpose.

2. Menu distribution

Social media are the perfect way for restaurants to increase menu exposure. Not taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool will hinder your eatery’s operations.

Dealing with a reputable social media expert, like those at That’s Great News, will provide valuable insight into developing an app. Reputable experts will also understand the intricacies of developing a powerful social media strategy perfect for your restaurant. Professionals possess the know-how to turn your social media goals into a reality.

Consider distributing your menu to your social media accounts. Posting it to your Facebook page, for instance, is bound to bring attention and spark curiosity among viewers. Post a copy on your eatery’s website. Post links to the menu on various discussion boards and forums.

Distribution is the first process. Restaurant management must perform regular analytical research into viewership. Keywords must be analyzed. Menu items must be analyzed. This provides needed insight into what areas need improved and which can be eliminated. Experts will understand the details involved with various analysis programs, including Google Analytics.

3. Make a video

Videos are perfect social media tools for restaurants. Restaurants not involved with this vital area are falling behind the competition. YouTube, after all, have over one billion views annually. Marketing research experts claim that consumers enjoy watching videos over reading text. Take advantage of this fact by making videos.

A well-scripted and professionally produced video can bring life to your eatery, show currency viewers, and be easily shared with social networks. Videos are extremely effective tools for bringing menu items to life. Cooking videos, done by the eatery’s chef, are always popular. Powerful videos include an action-oriented script that uses effective keywords. The information must be presented in easy-to-understand terms and language. The presenter must be likeable and appear knowledgeable. Lighting must be conducive to viewership. Many other components come into play when producing an impressive video. Consult with an expert about starting a YouTube channel.

4. Focus on a few sites

Many restaurants fail in social media due to spreading themselves too thin. Avoid this by concentrating your efforts on only five or fewer sites. Remember that lack of focus can spell disaster for an eatery. Choose the most popular sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Yelp!, LinkedIn and Google.

5. Press release distribution

Press releases are the perfect way to show a restaurant’s vibrancy and currency. Social media provide the ideal platform for showcasing these marketing tools
on social media accounts. Ask readers to share the information with their social media networks.

Learn more about how social media can help your restaurant. Contact an expert.