5 Tips For Displaying Your Professional Article Plaque

Congratulations, you have been featured prominently in a newspaper or magazine article. Now what? Well, now it is time to preserve your great news on a professional wall plaque and find a spot to hang it so that your clients, customers, family and friends can have the chance to view it.  Lobby 2

Displaying Your Professional Article Plaque

  1. To determine where to display your plaque, ask yourself what benefits will you get from hanging it. If it is to improve employee motivation, the plaque should hang somewhere your employees gather. Or perhaps you want your client/consumer base to easily view the article. In that case, you want it to hang in your entrance, waiting room or office.
  2. Think of the location where you are hanging it as a time line of your achievements. You do not want a blank wall with just one professional article plaque; it would be best to hang multiple pieces up displaying your continued success and growth.
  3. Choose your background finish and trim for the plaque. My suggestion would be to pick a finish and trim that complements the decor in the room. For example, if you happen to have silver frames, a silver trim will be a nice highlight.
  4. Decide how you want to personalize your nameplate. While some people prefer to go the traditional route with their name and business, I have also seen people choose quotes about their industry or personal mottos.
  5. Try to utilize the space you have. Whether it is a whole wall or a smaller area attempt to place your wall plaques along with other articles of accomplishment. Be aware of spacing; you do not want it appear cluttered or sparse.

Learn some quick design tips

Melissa Galt is an interior decorator and lifestyle guide who provides useful tips for celebrating your life and success. Click on her name to hear her short video on transforming a space into a wall of fame.

One way to begin displaying your framed newspaper articles is by collecting all of your recent or older news articles along with photos, recognitions and awards. Allow your clients and family to admire your articles whether it be at home or work. During a busy day filled with a million decisions it is important to recognize your successes. 

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