5 Top Notch Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Restaurant marketing ideas show creativity, technological ability and perseverance. Using some of the below ideas can differentiate your eatery from the competition.

restaurant-marketing-ideas1. Start a plaque wall

Wall plaques are wonderful ways to preserve and share news about recent happenings including press releases, social media reviews, new menu items and/or new hires. Preserved information can take the form of a celebrity-autographed menu, a recent newspaper article or a picture of the owner with a celebrity guest. Pictures of a restaurant’s baseball or sporting team are always popular plaque material. Customers love taking the time to peruse these entertaining and informative marketing tools. It makes for a great conversation.

Consider designating a favorite wall as a plaque wall. Strategically place the plaques to aid visualization and access. Placing them on a wall that is on the path to or from the rest room makes them noticeable. When customers see something worthwhile, they will eagerly share the information with their social media and real-life networking circles.

2. Use plaques as networking tools

Networking, both online and offline, is crucial for business success. Take one of your newsworthy plaques with you to show and tell others. It will impress and make for a fantastic conversation.

3. Write a press release

Press releases are free advertising tools. All restaurant marketing strategies must include press releases. It costs nothing to have them published in a variety of mediums including social media sites, websites and marketing blogs, local or national newspapers and other print media.

Customers love to read about innovation, creativeness and action. Share the news about hiring an international chef, completing a new cookbook, taking part in community events and/or any other pertinent data. Write about a new menu item that imparts a unique flair to your restaurant’s standard offerings.

Not all press releases get printed. When yours does, be sure to cut out a copy. Take that copy to your professional plaque or video producing company, like That’s Great News. Place the plaque on your restaurant’s wall. Share a link to the video on all your marketing collateral. Post your press release to your restaurant’s website. Include a link to the release on your social media pages.

4. Make a video

Marketing statistics reveal that the average consumer prefers seeing and hearing information rather than reading it. You can take advantage of this fact by making a multistreaming video. Be sure to develop a powerful script to improve brand awareness, lead generation and exposure. Include your keywords throughout the content to improve search engine rankings.

With so many options available for video producing, be sure to choose a reputable company that understands all intricacies. A reputable company understands the importance of using efficient lighting, script optimization, and professional-quality equipment. They will edit the video until a professional result is obtained. Video producing firms understand how to take your video to the top of search engine rankings.

5. Optimize your news online

Enhance your exposure by optimizing your video promotion opportunities. Develop a YouTube channel. Upload all your videos to your channel. Be sure to send links to your video to as many avenues as possible. This includes within your email communications, on your blog or website, and throughout the social media world.

Take pictures of your menu items and post them to your website. Include a Pinterest logo next to the image so others can easily share.

Restaurants operate in a fiercely competitive industry. Working with a trained professional to optimize your marketing ideas will make the process easier.