7 Secrets To Business Success with YouTube Videos

According to industry experts, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. And, YouTube receives over one billion unique visitors monthly. Videos provide the most efficient way to powerfully convey a message in a cost-effective and timely manner. Below are some secrets to success to help you promote your YouTube video.

1. Develop a video marketing strategy
A well-defined video strategy will include business goals and objectives, the promotional strategy being used, the target audience, and any affected audience demographics.

youtube-marketing-resized-6002. Have a definite goal
Many companies that post YouTube videos fail to realize the importance of having the video serve a purpose. Purpose provides value. Is the company hoping to increase its conversion rate? Does it want to use the video as an informational tool to increase fund-raising awareness? To be successful with YouTube, make certain the video matches its goal (seems obvious but many corporate videos miss this mark). These can include increasing lead capture for new products or services, sharing knowledge and displaying expertise, or connecting with your target market.

3. Convey a powerful message
Having a powerful message is another secret to being a success with a YouTube business video. A good formula for creating a successful video script answers the following questions (in order): WHY, WHAT, HOW, and WHAT IF.

4. Effectively convey the message
Businesses can have the most powerful message around, but if it is not conveyed in a professional and easy-to-understand manner, it will fail. Make certain viewers can easily see or hear the message. Use fonts that are easy-to-read. Speak at a comfortable pace. Speaking too fast can cause viewers to lose interest. As with all content, it needs to be natural to be effective.

5. Satisfy a variety of needs
YouTube video success depends on reaching as much of a target market as possible. Developers need to remember that viewers may have physical or hearing impairments that can hinder the video’s impact. The secret is to make a video that contains closed captioning and good presentation skills. Keep in mind, when uploading the video transcript, you can add strategic keywords (SEO or search engine optimization benefit – choose appropriate keywords by using keyword optimization tools. Ask friends and associates for words that define your business.).

6. Videos are the way to go
Marketing statistics show that the majority of consumers gain information by going online via their mobile device or other device. As popular as YouTube is, some business owners still do not understand the secret of how a video can easily captivate the viewing audience. Businesses can quickly convey information about products, goods, services, and company happenings all within a few minutes.

7. Traditional advertising will fail
Businesses that succeed in the online video world understand that traditional types of advertising do not do well in this medium. Traditional is often boring. The video world relies on creativity and entertainment to effectively reach target audiences. Information is integrated in a relevant and authoritative manner that improves customer engagement levels. When viewers are engaged and entertained, they are more likely to share information with friends, associates and their social media circles.

YouTube remains the number two search engine behind Google.com. Getting involved with YouTube videos can improve brand awareness, increase website traffic, and improve the overall success.