7 Tips On How To Promote A YouTube Video

According to industry statistics, YouTube gets over one billion hits monthly. Failing to take advantage of this tremendous marketplace will put you and your business behind the competition. Videos are the perfect way to spread and preserve news of all type. Read this article to learn some important tips on how to promote a YouTube video.


1. Develop a powerful marketing strategy

All video content involves a strategy. You must determine what your goals, objectives and purpose are for producing a video. A good strategy will keep your video on track to help your target market.

2. Optimize offline collateral

Every YouTube video has a link. Obtain that link and put it on your company’s marketing collateral. Marketing collateral includes all types of business communications including business cards, electronic signatures, stationery and the like.

3. Use your website

Use your website as a promotional tool. Embed a link to the video in an easy-to-view area. Develop a page for your videos. Write a post about your new video. Include a link to your video in the conclusion paragraph.

4. Use social media

Everyone uses social media nowadays. Share your video with your Facebook friends. Place a link to the video on your Facebook page, if you have one. Consider starting a Page for promoting your videos. Place a link to your video at the bottom of every posting.

5. Join networking groups

Networking groups bring like-minded individuals together in both online and offline worlds. Join as many networking groups as possible to promote your business and its new YouTube video. For offline groups, hand out your marketing collateral. Place your business cards throughout your community. Go to community bulletin boards, community newsletter companies, store bulletin boards and small businesses. Consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce. This organization has a reputation for helping out fellow members.

Join online groups. Introduce yourself and your business. Develop a relationship based on trust and respect. When the time is comfortable, share the news about your videos with the community. Remember to place a link to your video at the end of any communication.

6. Differentiate your content

Make certain your content causes your viewers to sit up, take notice and share the information with others. Your content must provide value. Do this by using correct keywords. Keywords define your business and message in concise terms. Use action-oriented wording to show vibrancy, innovativeness and currency. Keep your viewers interested. This makes it easy to recommend your video with others. Take the time to develop an effective script.

Audio plays a role in differentiating your content. Industry experts claim that viewers prefer listening to information over reading it. Your content must be presented in a well-modulated and comfortable manner. Speak in a clear tone that conveys the message in an upbeat, pleasant and interesting manner. Enunciate properly. Talk at a pace that is easy to understand by all viewers. A well-presented video is more likely to be shared in both online and offline worlds.

7. Start your own channel

Starting your own YouTube channel can be the best decision you make for promoting your videos. Consider it your own online television station. You can upload all your videos onto your channel. Use the Analytic section to determine which videos receive the most views. Use the Video Manager page to organize your videos via tag usage.

The channel includes an About section. Optimize this section in a professional manner to improve promotional opportunities. Developing the Discussion page allows visitors and viewers the opportunity to communicate and share insight. Encourage discussions by posting comments and asking questions.

Promoting a YouTube video involves a number of ingredients. Mix them all together correctly and watch your viewership expand.