A Covenant to Children is Highlighted in Custom Article Mounting

How often do you have the chance to patron a food and drink establishment that not only has good food, but also provides you with that great feeling that you’re doing something good for a fellow human being? That’s the exact question the Bakersfield Californian asked in a recent article: “Soothe Your Taste Buds and Your Soul;” in which it also answered that question by placing Covenant Coffee in the spotlight.


A Wonderful Covenant
Covenant Coffee, a quaint shoppe that offers caffeinated drinks, salads, soups, and baked goods, is located at 1700 N. Chester Avenue, in a former bank building in the ‘Dale. While from the outside, and maybe even on the inside if you don’t know any better, Covenant appears to be a regular coffee shop, it is actually so much more. In fact, Covenant Coffee was created for the sole purpose of giving back to others.

The company was founded on a belief in the biblical mandate of helping and ministering to children without fathers. So, not only is there a great likelihood the individual taking your order or the barista filling your cup is a former foster child, 100% of all proceeds go directly into helping make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children. There’s little that will warm your soul more than that.

That’s Great News
The Bakersfield Californian recently recognized Covenant Coffee – not only for it’s outstanding community service, but also for its amazing food. In the article, “Soothe Your Taste Buds and Your Soul,” the author, Pete Tittl, details the menu while applauding the company’s efforts. ” In short, one reward for your altruism is good food and drink,” says Tittl. “You can’t beat that.”

No, you can’t. And that’s exactly why Covenant Coffee knew this was an accolade to be preserved for all to see. They chose a custom wall plaque from That’s Great News to preserve and display their featured article, which now hangs proudly in the store.


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