A Step by Step Guide to Your Custom Plaque

You took the plunge and ordered a custom wall plaque. Congratulations! Your great news has been transformed into a commemorative display piece. Now what? To help guide you once the plaque is in your hands, here is a step by step guide to receiving and hanging your plaque. custom plaque

  1. Answer the door when it rings! Delivery personnel all over the country want to complete their mission and you are their last step to an empty truck!
  2. Open your package. Be careful! I myself have suffered quite a few injuries wrangling items out of packages.
  3. This may be the most important step in the process- REMOVE the plastic protective wrap on the plaque. Your plaque is not damaged or wrinkled; it is wrapped to protect the finish from scratches. So please, remove the plastic wrap! Trust me.
  4. Pick out a spot on your wall. Are you a doctor? I would go for the waiting room. Do you own a restaurant? Hang it by the seating area. Was your daughter the lead in the school play? Pick a spot in your house that will produce a smile every time you walk by!
  5. At this point, you have your custom plaque- you know where you want to hang it, but how do you go about hanging it? You are now ready to pick out a nail! Have fun, be creative. Go with gold or silver! Grab your hammer and bang away.
  6. I know, by now you are exhausted! Last step- Hang your plaque!
  7. Sit back and enjoy. Not only did someone think you were special enough to write about- we thought you were special enough to plaque about!

Your plaque has been hung! Welcome to the family at That’s Great News! If you have not yet decided to move forward with a plaque, I hope this explanation has pushed you in the right direction.


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What aspects of your life do you wish came with a guide? Please share below.