Article Plaques Top List of Most Effective Uses of Published Articles

As a business owner, you want to utilize newspaper articles featuring your company and products. A personalized wall plaque offers the opportunity to not only preserve the articles but also display them prominently in your business or for use at trade shows.

John W. Elliot is the Founder and President of Power PR, Inc. who has over 37 years of experience in public relations and marketing. According to him, an article about your business offers a multitude of advantages that continually produce results. newspapers

Here are some of his tips on how you can turn your article into an asset!

  1. Mount articles on custom plaques and display them prominently in your reception area. When people view a positive article displayed, it makes them feel confident in their decision that they are working with you. This stand true regardless of whether you are a doctor, law firm etc. In addition, having newspaper articles prominently displayed in common areas offers your employees a sense of unity and pride. Employee motivation is key to boost productivity.
  2. Use articles to handle sales objections. A sales person can try and try to sell your product but sometimes the prospect won’t budge. Having the sales rep quote a third party opinion a newspaper article will cause the prospect to reconsider. If a trustworthy source endorses the product- it must be a product worth having.
  3. Make a prominent display of your articles in your trade show booth. Building a booth at an expo center can be daunting because it is difficult to stand out. Research shows that by handing the article to people walking by they are 6 times more likely to read it than noticing an advertisement.
  4. Use the articles to establish credibility among your telemarketers. Being featured in a publication is great but your goal is to make sure potential customers actually find out about it. So rather than having a telemarketer contacting customers to talk about the product, your best bet is to open with a quote from the actual article. It identifies your company as a credible one and will cause consumers to stay on the phone.
  5. Many publications present awards for best products in various categories. When a prominent publication in your community or industry chooses your company as the best, it is validating. It is also imperative that you use that free advertisement to enhance your paid advertisement.
  6. Use the fact that you have had articles written about your products in your display ads. Think of it like this; an article is a compliment and an ad is bragging. When an outside individual or publication chooses to paint your company in a positive light, it is the ultimate compliment that people will notice. When creating advertisements, use those articles to show prospects why they should go with you. That way you do not need to brag.
  7. Display your published articles on your website. Don’t allow your articles to go to waste. Create an area on your website displaying the great press you have received. Highlight what the article discusses to entice readers to continue reading.
  8. Use your articles to stimulate word-of-mouth. It is important to spread articles around to increase people talking about you and your company. Opinions are developed based on evidence. Let articles written about you be your evidence.

Don’t Waste Your Press Opportunity
Very often, press articles tend to go to waste. As a business owner, you must stop thinking of the articles as something nice to have but as a tool to increase business. Choosing to add the mention of features in your sales pitch or on your website lends to your credibility. In order to build your business you must be able to become a pebble in the shoes of your prospects. This way you do not have to worry about beating the competition, you begin to make the competition obsolete.

A Proven Business Building Tool
The best way to make your press articles become long lasting sales tools is by preserving them on personalized wall plaques. You can get started by simply clicking on the box below and you will be able to view your free plaque preview in as little as 48-72 hours. We would love the chance to make your great news valuable.


What are some ways you utilize published articles? Please share below.