Brighten Your Day With Your Own Newspaper Article Plaque

Some stories really make you realize how important it is to celebrate life’s special moments. When people do not stop to smell the roses, they end up forgetting about why they work so hard. A friend of mine had been featured in a publication after getting promoted and made a decision to treat herself to something special. Hearing her experience was very moving and I thought I would share it with you.

On her way home way home from work one night, she was feeling down. Unappreciated. Overwhelmed. Unmotivated. However, as she walked through her front door, she noticed a package waiting for her. She had recently been featured in a publication. As she reached for the package she remembered ordering a custom plaque to commemorate her news story. Instantly, her gloom dissipated and she perked up.grand-juction

We have all had days like that. No matter how many right decisions you make in a day, one wrong one ruins it. Eventually it is the afternoon and you can feel your stress taking over your mind. It is a rough place to be in and there is not much you can do to fix it. Well, what if there was?

Anyone who has a job and is reading this can relate. No matter how much love your job- a bad day can happen. We all use different coping mechanisms to handle them.

  • When you walk out the office door, you leave it all behind.
  • Playing loud music on the ride home.
  • Taking a bath.
  • A soothing glass of wine.

What if those tactics do not work? As my friend was telling me her story, the answer suddenly came to me. A RECOGNITON PLAQUE. Coming home to that package changed her perspective and made her excited for the following day. A simple article about her had been transformed from a piece of paper she was preserving in a paper protector into a unique wood display piece customized with a nameplate. Celebrating yourself can turn your day around and reinforce your commitment to success. So during those days, make a point stop to smell the roses.

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