Build Buzz in Your Office with Featured Article Plaques

In any business, keeping employees motivated is a great way to keep people productive and engaged with their work. The challenge is finding ways to generate that much-needed buzz among workers to get them excited and motivated to do a great job.

When you want to motivate employees, a little recognition goes a long way. Doing things such as greeting and engaging with workers, congratulating them on a job well done, and handing out awards are all great ways to make sure that employees know that their hard work is appreciated.

Another great way to build excitement around the office is to post plaques commemorating your company’s major achievements that were featured in the news.

Motivating Employees with Plaques

You might be wondering how it is that a featured article plaque can help to motivate the employees in your office to work harder and dedicate themselves to helping ensure the success of the company.

There are actually a few ways in which plaques can help motivate employees, including:

  • Acting as Inspiration by Highlighting Past Accomplishments. All too often, employees see the job as just that: a job. They have little to no sense of the history of the company, and as such, no sense of where the company is headed. Featured article plaques that highlight important achievements from the company’s past help to give a sense of history, of importance, to the work of employees. In these plaques, workers can see the greatest achievements of their predecessors, and see how similar effort may help them make a name for themselves.
  • Promoting the Accomplishments of Your Best Current Employees. Beyond simply highlighting past glories, you can create plaques of the recent achievements of current employees who have made headlines. With plaques such as these, other employees benefit from the knowledge that their work can earn them notoriety among their employers. The employees featured in such plaques can be the role models that you use to show workers how hard work can be rewarded.
  • Creating Goals to Shoot for. In addition to highlighting how other employees have accomplished impressive feats, a featured article plaque can give your workers goals to shoot for, and a strategy for meeting these goals. In many workplaces, high-level managers assign specific goals for employees, and when these goals are aggressive in nature, many front-line workers dismiss them as impossible. By showing employees how others have met even more aggressive goals, you make the task less daunting, allowing employees to approach the challenge of meeting their own goals with confidence.

Featured article plaques bring home to employees the achievements of the company, of other employees, and give employees real-world examples of how they can earn such recognition for themselves.

Where to Display Plaques

Once you’ve made a few featured article plaques for your office(s), the next question is “Where should I put the plaques to get the best effect?” Here are a couple of ideas where to put your featured article plaque to help motivate employees:

  • The Manager’s Office. This is a common choice for many people. Putting plaques about the company’s achievements in the manager’s office can help to emphasize the sense of history an employee has when visiting their boss’ office (which works really well with wooden plaques). In the manager’s office, visiting employees will have plenty of time to take in the room’s atmosphere and read the plaques to learn the stories contained within. However, the drawback is that this removes the plaques from sight for the vast majority of employees, limiting their usefulness as an inspirational tool since they’re out of sight most of the time.
  • The Hallway. Rather than obscuring your plaques in a closed office, you could hang them in the hall for all to see as they walk through the building. By creating a display for your office’s hallways, you ensure that every employee can see the stories contained within for themselves every day.
  • In Employee Offices. Another place that you can display a plaque is in the office of the employee(s) who were integral to the achievement featured in the article. In this way, the plaque serves as an award, a mark of pride for that employee to show them that their work matters. Plus, it gives that employee or team something to brag about and motivate others to match their accomplishments. Inspiring a healthy amount of competitiveness can create an awe-inspiring productivity boost.

Naturally, where you choose to display your plaques will be dependent on factors such as the layout of the building or office, the size of your plaques, and your own preferences. With a plaque in the right place, you can help inspire your workers to new heights of productivity, or even just share your own enthusiasm for your company with your front-line workers, enthusiasm which can prove infectious in its own right.

To learn more about how you can create a custom wall plaque for your offices, contact That’s Great News today and try out our custom plaque creation process for yourself.