Business Philosophy Gets Business Award and Custom Article Mounting

The young John Mahony may not have been able to predict his own success in business as he worked his first job bagging groceries at age 14. His dynamic career thereafter molded him into a leader among Orlando entrepreneurs, however, and earned him some recent coverage in the Orlando Business Journal that deserved newspaper article mounting to highlight and preserve the moment.

From Groceries to Business Leader: Mahony Earns 40 Under 40 Recognition
Mahony excelled first in the technical services, engineering, telecommunications, information technology, manufacturing, and government contracting industries, and then co-founded a professional staffing service named Kavaliro. With offices in Orlando and Charlotte, FL, Mahony employs more than 400 people globally and makes an extra effort to find out what drives his employees to succeed. Whether it’s constructive criticism or well-placed praised, or a mixture of the two, Mahony said his focus is on the growth and success of his employees and, in turn, his business.40-under-40-web Serving as Kavaliro’s chief operations officer, Mahony is no stranger to accolades in his field. He previously won the 2010 Charlotte Mover and Shaker; 2010 Orlando Business Journal Top 10 Businessmen to Watch; 2008 Orlando Business Journal 40 Under 40 award winner; Top Performer awards (for 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004); 2006 Governor’s Entrepreneurship Award in the Mega Category; Three President’s Club awards (in 2001, 1999 and 1998); Top Recruiter of the Southeast Division award in 1999; and Top Salesperson of the Southeast Division award in 1999. Now that Mahony has garnered the 2012 Orlando Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award, he said he considers it a great honor and a calling to continue to challenge his employees to always invest their utmost effort in their field.

Marking the Occasion
Even with some very prestigious awards under his belt, Mahony opted to mark this moment in his career with his choice of custom wall plaques. It’s not hubris that drives him to memorialize his 40 Under 40 designation, but motivation for his employees as they begin the journey he’s been on for more than half his life.

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