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The restaurant industry is a demanding and competitive beast. Eateries must develop a powerful restaurant advertising program to differentiate themselves. Implementing the below tips can make the difference.   1. Preserve press releases Press releases are free advertising tools.

Restaurant marketing ideas show creativity, technological ability and perseverance. Using some of the below ideas can differentiate your eatery from the competition. 1. Start a plaque wall Wall plaques are wonderful ways to preserve and share news about recent

Videos are popular multistreaming tools that provide optimum promotional opportunities. Knowing how to use them as part of an effective restaurant marketing strategy can improve lead generation, profits and creativity. Below are some recommendations to consider. 1. Reach a

Social media can make or break your restaurant’s overall success. When used properly, it will be the secret sauce that turns your restaurant into the talk of the town and Internet world. Of all the great restaurant marketing ideas,

Social media networks have exploded in the last few years with Facebook alone having more than 900 million users. The added ability to connect to these social media sites on a smartphone practically anywhere in the country proves that

Some charitable organizations are downright puritanical when it comes to media relations, but it’s the successful nonprofit that practices unabashed self-promotion. The relationship between the media and its top sources of “feel-good” news is a symbiotic one that gives

At the beginning of every new year, the resolutions crowd makes a beeline for every elliptical machine in every city across the nation. Weight-loss support groups and members-only gyms flood local advertising with New Year’s specials, but personal trainers

embers of Generation Z spend a lot of their time online and looking at digital media, but those who play competitive sports still receive newspaper recognition, even if they don’t see it. Preserving those printed accolades with newspaper article

When you’ve been around as long as Mama Milano’s Pizza Bar in Chicago, there’s usually a reason. The Old Town landmark continues a family tradition that has been serving up its version of homestyle Italian pizza pie since 1919,

Every year in the spring, USA TODAY gives the nation’s best and brightest minds a chance to stand out from the crowd through nomination and election to the All-USA Community College Academic Team. These 20 amazing individuals have proven