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Some questions might arise when you finally decide it’s time to frame your magazine articles. At That’s Great News we we specialize in preserving magazine and newspaper articles for businesses, sports figures, publishers, restaurants, hobbyists, and families from all over the United States. We

2016 was as a historic NBA season as ever. And after a 52 year drought, the Cleveland Cavaliers have brought home a championship to the city of Cleveland! Looking for the perfect way to commemorate this historic victory? Head

Our new metal plaques that we have recently introduced have taken off in popularity. Now we’ll provide a behind-the-scenes look at how we make them! Pre Printing Once all artwork is approved by our graphics team, it is sent

Success is our life’s pursuit. It’s what we all want and desire; yet only a rather small percentage of the world’s population achieve true success. In fact, a recent study by students at Harvard Business School uncovered some rather