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Even though Time Magazine is downsizing in the wake of lost print readership, magazines aren’t quite dead yet. E-readers have breathed new life into digital-format magazines, which makes magazine advertising a lucrative investment for any size business. It’s how

It is every professional photographer’s “ungettable get:” the magazine cover shot. No matter the subject or the magazine, landing a magazine cover can be difficult without the right attitude, patience and preparation. Be ready to succeed in finding your

Now for the hook that will earn your event attendance by a living, breathing member of the local paper’s editorial staff. This requires a little creativity, a little spin, and a lot of hype, but it can be done

Now that you’ve learned about the inverted pyramid and how to structure your press release, it’s time to think about how you’ll get it in front of someone’s eyes. To get a release read and into a reporter’s hands,

Hiring an event planner may not be in your business budget, but with a few planning and promotion tips, you can get real media coverage for your event. All it takes is knowing how to structure your announcement, when

Any size business benefits from positive media coverage, but long-term losses on many fronts can result from negative press. That’s why it’s essential to have a crisis communication plan that can turn things around quickly. It may even be

Communication professionals sometimes get stuck in a rut. Depending on what other roles they’re playing and what type of business they’re promoting, it may seem like every possible press release has either been written or will depend on outside

Ready for your 10 or 15 minutes in the spotlight and wondering what it takes to get featured in the pages of your favorite magazine? Here are 25 ways you can make it happen: Introduce a new product or

If the top of your resolution list this year is giving your employees more of what they want most, then it’s no mystery why you’ve stumbled upon this short, but sweet post. The truth is that the majority of

Bloggers who know what they are doing are blogging on a regular basis, pushing new content to the Internet in order to improve their search engine rankings and provide high-value, free information to customers. This is also known as