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You’ve been there. Staring at a blank page on your computer screen, looking at your notes, and wondering where to start writing that next masterpiece. Is it the title? Should the tone be newsy or feature-y? Is a little

If you’re just starting out in the world of professional photography, or if you’re more seasoned and looking for a lucrative outlet for your work, sell stock photos for publication use. Or, for less pay but more opportunity, look

Flickr was slow to warm to the social media scene, giving Instagram the opportunity to create its very own social media identity as THE photo filtering and sharing site. Now that Instagram users are wary of the service and

Professional photographers may roll their eyes at Facebook feeds full of overworked Instagram photos, but even the pros admit that the photography-sharing site and mobile app have been a boon for marketing photography services and building portfolios. Instagram has

Rejection is tough, but what makes it even more disheartening when it comes to news and feature story submissions is that sometimes, it’s preventable. When you send in an article or photo essay, there are a few mistakes that

Photo: Flickr, NS Newsflash One of the hardest repercussions to witness of the recession was the falter and closing of so many newspapers nationwide. As of 2012, there has been a 14% decline in the number of listed newspapers

Many say that the newspaper is a lost art. As social media and online resources gain popularity in exponential numbers, it’s print media that has suffered. Yet, there is still a market for the printed word. In fact, an

Marketing can be a significant investment, depending on your chosen channels. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover a way to stretch your marketing dollar so that you could reach multiple audiences across various platforms with negligible additional investment? Good

Writers and photographers who prefer a freelance lifestyle and don’t need the financial security of a contract have an option that applies to small-town newspapers covering Friday night football, or big-time news magazines that need international news coverage. Stringers

Today’s marketing gurus can provide immediate and detailed feedback on a variety of advertising media, so it’s no wonder that print advertising gets lost in all the click-through rates and linkback tracking. While all the instantaneous metrics can be