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Unveiling the often underestimated power of plaques, this article delves into their remarkable ability to unlock untapped marketing potential. Whether it’s commemorating a special achievement, honoring outstanding individuals, or reinforcing brand identity, plaques are more than just ornamental decorations

For years, That’s Great News customers have used their featured article plaques as a mark of pride and quality that they can show to their own customers. The articles in these plaques represent moments of greatness from the subject’s past, accomplishments

Good news deserves to be framed, and we’ve covered the many occassions and reasons for doing so in a number of other blogs in recent posts. But, sometimes, there is reason for not needing to have a complete article

According to Merriam-Webster, commemorative is defined as “issued in limited quantities for a relatively short period in commemoration of a person, place, or event.” This typically includes items such as coins, stamps, and even statues, all meant to preserve

As time evolves, there will always be a latest and greatest of everything; and custom wall plaques are no different. There are plaques of every color, size and layout, and now there are even plaques that utilize the latest

Welcome to Part 3 in our five-part series of generational insight, where we take a close look at how best to provide recognition to members of specific generations. So far, we’ve discussed the Mature generation and Baby Boomers, and

This is the second part of our five-part series on providing recognition to members of specific generations. In the first part, we addressed Matures and their very specific characteristics. But as you’ll find with each generation in this series,

Employee recognition is a crucial component of any job or project. People want to be thanked. Thank want their contributions recognized and they want to feel as though their input has made a difference. What sets people apart, however,

Once considered the trade of seedy pawn shops and desperate patrons, scrap gold buying has moved into mainstream in a big way. Mark Rogozinski of Marquis Jewelers in Newton, MA, told the Boston Business Journal earlier this year that

Are you a business professional with newsworthy articles? Have you been featured in a magazine or have you made a “Who’s Who” or “Top List”? Do you have clients, patients, or prospects that need to know more about you