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Glades Herp Farm in Bushnell, FL, isn’t some nondescript Everglades endeavor. It’s ground zero for Discovery Channel’s “Swamp Brothers” show, featuring Robbie and Stephen Keszey and their wildlife friends and foes. It’s their circuitous and unintentional path to stardom

When Dwayne Hayes enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1983, it’s unlikely he did it with the hopes of becoming a millionaire as a result. But, as events turn, that’s exactly what happened. Hayes, now a service-disabled veteran,

Glassdoor is an employee-focused research firm that provides a close look inside jobs and at the companies offering them. Every year, Glassdoor surveys employees on their satisfaction with their employer in regard to the employers’ ability to help its

All the movies portray the scenario in the same manner: the entire staff is dancing around the restaurant, preparing an exquisite set-up while the chef and sous chef labor over the meal of just one dreaded food critic. It

Business owners everywhere would likely say there is very little better than having a service or product listed on a “best of” list. It’s a coveted honor many seek in an attempt to have their company recognized, their brand

How often do you have the chance to patron a food and drink establishment that not only has good food, but also provides you with that great feeling that you’re doing something good for a fellow human being? That’s

The daily obligations of a public relations agent are demanding. These professionals typically have a number of clients and they are doing everything they can to ensure each one receives the “buzz” he or she deserves. So, when a

Want to teach your dog to freestyle to the beat of your favorite tune? With the help of Gloria Voss, the woman fondly known as Gladwin’s very own ‘Dog Whisperer,’ your four-legged friend has the ability to master this

Paul Partridge scored big when Forbes Magazine published his article, “Oh, So That’s Why College is So Expensive.” It’s a boon to his business and his cause that won’t soon be forgotten, thanks to custom article mounting. Partridge Teaches

You wouldn’t run a marathon without first training your body; and Arizona substance abuse counselor, Richard Poppy, says quitting a chemical addiction requires just as much preparation – of your mind. Poppy opened Oro Valley’s Desert Star Addiction Recovery