Celebrate your great news with a custom wall plaque

Custom wall plaquesCustom wall plaques are a great way to convert great news into a lifetime display piece.

Custom wall plaques give you the ability to transform paper into a unique exhibit for your home or business. It can be difficult to put yourself into the limelight but the fact of the matter is, when you are recognized in the press- nothing is better than shining a light on your achievements. Do you want to see what your great news would look like on a custom plaque- click here.

Why go with a customized plaque?

  • They are personalized. We laser engrave each plate to add a special touch to your plaque.
  • Made from the best materials. The quality of our wood speaks for itself.
  • Custom plaques are a simple way to commemorate a great moment.
 Some of us feel at home in the limelight, some of us secretly wish we could feel that comfortable being the center of attention. The only common denominator is that we all love a proverbial “pat on the back”. Regardless of your nature, your recognition deserves to last a lifetime. We pride ourselves on taking your articles and transforming them into beautiful custom plaques that will appease your needs.
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Key takeaway: Whether you like shining bright or prefer a quieter celebration, custom wall plaques are the prefect way to recognize your achievements.

How do you like to celebrate great news? Please share with us.