Color-Coordination Tips for Your Featured Article Plaque

When you preserve the stories of your most notable accomplishments in a featured article plaque, it’s only natural to want that story to look as good as possible, because plaques are designed to last for a long time.

After choosing between a wooden, acrylic or metal plaque, you have another important aesthetic choice to make: what background and trim do you want to use? The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors, such as:

  • Where you display the plaque.
  • The contents of the article.
  • Your own color preferences.

To help you pick out the perfect trim and background for your plaque, we here at The News have put together a short list of color-coordination tips for your plaque.

Tip #1: Think about Where You’ll Display Your Plaque

Your choice of whether you want to display your plaque at your office, in your home, or as a part of a display for use at tradeshows will be important for choosing your plaque’s color and trim.

At the home, you should choose the background color and trim that you like the most, without worrying too much about what others might think. After all, this display is for your home, and you’re the one who is going to be seeing it on a daily basis, not your boss or coworkers. Here, you can pick out colors that will blend in with your decorations seamlessly, or pick out something that will stand out from everything else.

At the office, you’ll probably want to pick out a more professional look for your plaque (this is something that wooden plaques excel at). For example, a walnut or mahogany stain with gold trim gives you a timeless, classic display piece for your office.

Another suggestion is to choose plaque background and trim colors based on your company’s colors. This helps to uphold your company’s colors as a theme in your office. This approach is great for offices where customers are frequently invited, and for business storefronts, as it helps increase recognition for your branding.

If you’re planning to take your plaque on the road to tradeshows to help grab attention for your displays, choosing brighter colors that might normally clash with the colors of the article/pictures in the plaque or your company may actually be helpful. Brighter colors get attention from others more easily. That being said, you’ll probably still want your plaque to make a good first impression visually, as it will contribute to the first impression that visitors to your booth will have of your company.

Tip #2: Consider the Article Itself

That’s Great News has turned articles from hundreds of different newspapers, magazines, and online publications into plaques over the years. With any given publication, there may be different fonts, visual elements, colors, and the like applied to their articles. These design choices made by the publisher will influence the visual element of your finished plaque. In addition to these visual elements, the content and nature of the article should be considered when choosing a background and trim combination.

For example, if your article is about your accomplishments in modifying a vehicle or metals manufacturing, using a plaque with a metallic-colored background and trim would be a natural fit. For an article about an important business achievement, using a professional-looking wood background with a simple black trim can help set the right mood.

Colors of photos in your article can also influence your choice for trims and plaque colors. If the main color of the picture in your plaque is blue, then a silver trim might compliment the photo better than a gold one.

Tip #3: Your Personal Preference

Ultimately, the thing to keep in mind about your featured article plaque when you’re choosing colors for the display is that it is your plaque. This plaque is your way of sharing your success stories with others, inspiring them to meet your example.

Choosing the colors that you feel are best is the surest way to make sure that you’re happy with your plaque for years to come. Whatever plaque material, colors, and design you choose, get the combination of elements that are perfect for your needs by contacting an That’s Great News representative today. Our team has years of experience in helping customers get their perfect plaque for display in the home, at work, or on the road. We can help you by finding a copy of your article from the original publisher and discussing your plaque options with you over the phone.