Creating a Visible Growth Timeline With Custom Article Framing

Great businesses recognize the achievements of their valuable employees, but there’s something to be said for keeping a visual record of the company’s growth on display, as well. Social media would call a wall of milestones a company’s timeline, and maybe it’s exactly that: a record of where your company has been, all it’s overcome, and the understanding that the future has yet to be written by the company’s most astute minds.

Ascent Builds a Timeline of Ascent
St. Louis-based Ascent Corp. provides and runs data centers for tech giants like Comcast, but it’s the company’s rocket-like climb in a niche market that has president and CEO Phil Horstmann thinking coast-to-coast expansion. Horstmann started the company in 1997 and, with just 76 employees in Iowa, Texas, Chicago and St. Louis, developed and operates 1,500 data centers for other companies nationwide. A down economy in recent years meant data center infrastructure was becoming cost-prohibitive even for tech companies, so Ascent provided the solution: a $100 million Chicago data center “condo” where companies could lease autonomous data suites that Ascent would then maintain.

Add a Life Event to Your Timeline
The data center idea and its meteoric rise to the cream of the tech crop has gotten the media’s attention. The St. Louis Business Journal gave Ascent a feature spot, highlighting the evolving nature of Ascent’s pursuits. With custom newspaper article mounting, Horstmann and his employees can visually map where they’ve brought Ascent, and where they’ll take the growing company in the future. So, which coast will see the next Ascent data center? Horstmann said they’ll be built quickly to meet growing demand nationwide, so the real question might be: Which media outlet will provide the coverage that deserves custom article mounting for a spot in the Ascent Corp. timeline?

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