Creating a Wall of Fame with Newspaper Article Mounting

What good is an award if it isn’t placed where someone can see it? From trophy cases to custom displays, people are always being creative with the ways they have to show off the recognition they’ve received. And, being featured in a newspaper or magazine article is no different. Thanks to custom article mounting, anyone with an article to frame has a completely customized way to do so.

But when it comes to custom framing, ThermoSpas of Wallingford, CT, knows how to do it right…


In The News: ThermoSpas

ThermoSpas is a leading provider of hot tubs in all shapes and sizes, and for a variety of reasons – from stress and pain relief, to medical and health benefits, to good old fashioned fun and romance. Their tubs fit anywhere from 2 to 7 people, with swim spas or trainers and exercise tubs that will fit even more.

And, because of the quality of product offered by ThermoSpas and their long-term industry presence, the company has had quite a few honorary mentions in newspaper and magazines, for both the company and the hot tubs. Publications in which the company has been featured include the Cherokee Tribune, the Journal Review, the Hartford Courant, and the East Providence Post, just to name a few.


Creating a Statement Piece
With so much recognition for its products and company achievements, it’s hard to pick just one or a couple of articles to mount and display. So, instead, ThermoSpas does what any company should do – they custom mount them all and create a wall of fame that is worthy of all the attention it attracts from anyone who enters their office headquarters.


Create Your Wall of Fame
Before you ever even order your first custom newspaper article mount from That’s Great News, we’ll let you see exactly how it will look. Click the link below to access our FREE, no-obligation online preview that places your article into a life-like model of a wood or acrylic mount, sent directly to your email inbox. Start your wall of fame today!