Custom Article Mounting: How to Save 150% with Employee Retention

Did you know that lack of appreciation is the #1 reason employees leave their jobs? It’s true. According to statistics provided by the Department of Labor, approximately 67% professionals leave their jobs voluntarily because they don’t feel appreciated. And, when a company loses an employee, it can cost that company up to 150% of the former employee’s salary just to find a replacement and train them.
So, the question becomes: Why would any company knowingly expose itself to such risk when the solution is so simple?
The Answer: Employee Recognition
In a recent article in People Management Magazine, a UK-based hotel chain, Malmaison Hotel, is featured for its implementation of a customer and employee recognition program that significantly improved its results across the board. Those results are as follows:

  • Staff turnover decreased by 17%
  • Customer service complaints decreased by 69%
  • Repeat business increased by 51%

And, probably most notably, the employees of this grand hotel chain reported an increase of pride in working for the company from 87% to 98%…all because they were recognized for the work they were able to accomplish for the company.
Employees put forth greater efforts + results improve + company recognizes efforts = both employees and customer retention numbers improve
The Solution: Custom Article Mounting
There are many ways you can use custom article mounting as an employee recognition tool. Our two favorites are:

  • Newspaper and Magazine Article Preservation – When your company, team or an individual is publicly recognized for its (or their) work, take advantage of the opportunity to highlight that accomplishment by framing purchasing a custom article mount that will allow you to proudly display it in the office.
  • Individual Employee Recognition Plaques – If you’re company issues paper awards, this is a perfect opportunity to have that document professionally mounted so it can be preserved.

wood plaque

Employee Recognition Plaques

There is also the option available to instead create a custom recognition plaque, which, much like a custom article mount, allows a company to officially recognize an employee for his or her contributions to the company’s success with a plaque made to mark the occasion.


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