Customer Persuasion Using a Wall of Custom Framed Articles

Are you a business professional with newsworthy articles? Have you been featured in a magazine or have you made a “Who’s Who” or “Top List”? Do you have clients, patients, or prospects that need to know more about you or your business? If any of these conditions apply, you may benefit from the creation of your own “persuasion wall.”

What is a Persuasion Wall?
The definition of persuasion is the action or fact of causing someone to believe in something, especially after a sustained effort. For businesses, an ongoing task is trying to persuade customers to purchase their products or services, or quite simply just to “buy into” whatever they’re selling. There are a number of ways to go about this – commercials, ads, direct sales – but one of the most effective sales methods begins with referrals. It’s about a reputation that speaks louder than any money that can be put toward a commercial, and it’s about other customers having such a positive experience with the company or individual, they are willing to share it with the world.

A persuasion wall is built for this exact reason. If you or your business has been featured in a newspaper or magazine article, you’ve achieved a very desirable and coveted position. By taking that article and displaying it in a custom article mount, you’re putting that news in the path of customers. If you’re like most customers, then the personal stories of great experiences, the testaments of outstanding business practices, or the applause surrounding product development from industry experts will go a long way to persuading you that the individual or business deserves a chance; and, the bigger the wall display, the more powerful the statement.


How to Design a Persuasion Wall
Building a persuasion wall is not something that should be approached half-heartedly. Such a wall should be thought of as any other marketing effort and should therefore be an extension of the brand. Here are some tips:

  • Consider quality. Choose a custom article framing company that can deliver consistent quality on every article you frame. You want your great news to be preserved in a mount that you’ll want to have for many, many years to come.
  • Consider style. Choose a design and color that expresses your personality or the brand of the company. Do your best to carry a complementary “feel” throughout the entire wall as opposed to having too many colors, sizes and layouts.
  • Consider positioning. You want your persuasion wall to be in a place where it will easily reach your target customer. Some of the best places are waiting rooms, foyers, conference rooms, and an obvious wall in a sales office.

Start Smart: Begin the Build with That’s Great News
We’ve been helping individuals and companies build persuasion walls for years by turning their great news into beautiful, custom article displays. Let us do the same for you.

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