Dianda’s Gamble Forever Memorialized by Custom Article Mounting

The daily obligations of a public relations agent are demanding. These professionals typically have a number of clients and they are doing everything they can to ensure each one receives the “buzz” he or she deserves. So, when a targeted publication picks up on a news story pitched by an agent, it’s a big deal. And, if you’re like the Abbi Agency, you preserve that news to showcase to current and prospective clients.

Dianda’s Gamble
Norm Dianda, a man whose reputation far precedes him in the Reno-Sparks community, recently took a gamble on a piece of land 10 miles outside Sparks in order to develop a Motorsports complex in the hopes of pumping some much-needed fuel back into the local economy. The track, named the Wild West Motorsports Park, opened at the end of August to immediate fanfare. Much of the publicity of which can be attributed to the hard-working efforts of the professionals at the Abbi Agency, who diligently obtained coverage of Dianda and his mission, in articles such as “Dianda’s Gamble,” featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal.


Preservation At Its Best
Having successfully achieved the results the team had hoped when it comes to promoting Dianda and his new track, the Abbi Agency did what any publicist should…keep a trophy. And, the agency knew the best way to achieve this was to have an article from the campaign framed in a custom article mount from That’s Great News. Now, the agency will have a permanent reminder of the fact they not only worked with a Reno legend, but they were able to help him out in the process.

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