Discover How Good Restaurants Get Great Social Reviews

Social media can make or break your restaurant’s overall success. When used properly, it will be the secret sauce that turns your restaurant into the talk of the town and Internet world. Of all the great restaurant marketing ideas, you must discover how good restaurants get great social reviews.


social-media-for-restaurants-resized-600They optimize their own website.


You may not think of your website as being social media, but think again. A strategically designed restaurant website will include a variety of social media tools. If you are uncomfortable designing one, hire someone to do it. One tool involves having a comment section to allow your visitors to contact you. Answering these comments promptly goes a long way toward building trust, confidence and loyalty in you and your restaurant.

You can optimize your website for the social world by strategically placing social networking logos that directly link to your different account profiles. Encourage your visitors to share information with their social networks. Be sure to prominently display your hours, address, contact information and other pertinent information to make it as easy as possible for your viewers to find your restaurant.

Making certain your website provides a user-friendly and enjoyable experience for your visitors is a sure-fire way to enhance your social reviews.

They optimize social networking sites.

Good restaurants get great social reviews by setting up accounts with a variety of social networking sites. Then they develop professional profiles that provide more information about the restaurant, owner, staff and food. The profile encourages viewers to click on social media logos to share information throughout the Internet and local world. Optimizing large social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube offers a great way to build customer loyalty, increase engagement levels and develop a strong brand recognition.

They provide something worth sharing.

You can have the best social media profiles and website around, but if you do not offer your customers something to share with others, you are defeating your purpose. A good restaurant gets great social reviews by paying attention to customer needs. Serving high-quality food at an affordable price goes far to establish your reputation as being the place to go.

They make it easy to share information.

Social media depends upon sharing information in n easy, convenient and instantaneous manner. Restaurants that get good social reviews develop apps that inform customers about current deals, specials of the day, and newly developed recipes. If you do not currently have an app, you can send out an email newsletter. Restaurants also understand the importance of putting social media logos on the bottom, or throughout, their online content.

They make it tempting.

Good restaurants that get great social reviews know the importance of showcasing food. Using a site like Pinterest to post pictures of dishes provides a fantastic way to get customers engaged in your restaurant. Some restaurants have 10,000 repins because their photos are so visually appealing. You can do your part by posting a picture of your food on your website. Place a Pinterest logo next to the photo so your visitors can easily share with others. Another option is making a video about your new dishes and putting it on YouTube, with links back to your restaurant’s website.

If you are uncomfortable with the social media world, a number of professionals are available to help you. Getting your restaurant involved can lay the foundation for a lifetime of good social reviews.