Five Reasons to Put a Custom Wall Plaque in Your Office

featured article plaque is more than just a simple decoration. These plaques put your proudest achievements on display for all the world to see. At least, that’s the idea.

Despite having many proud accomplishments and having made the news for their actions, there are many people out there who haven’t commemorated their achievements with a plaque. While those of us at That’s Great News think that plaques are great, we know that other people may want to have a good reason to put a plaque up in their office.

Actually, we’ll do even better and give you five reasons to hang a custom wall plaque in your office. So without further ado, here’s our top five list:

Reason #5: Plaques Add Visual Appeal

A blank, empty office is boring to look at and boring to sit in. While the janitor might like the fact that bare walls are easy to dust and clean, what do empty walls do for the room besides create an echo?

Plaques can break up an otherwise unadorned office and create something to draw the eye of the visitor to keep them mentally engaged when they’re first entering the room. Keeping a visitor from being bored, whether they’re a guest, an employee or even your boss, is an important part of maintaining a professional office environment.

So, get a plaque and pretty the place up, you might be surprised how positively people will respond to having something nice to look at when they stop by.

Reason #4: A Plaque Can Start a Conversation

Once a plaque has drawn the interest of a visitor to your office, they often can’t help but ask themselves: “What’s the story behind that?” This leads to the visitor either taking a closer look at the featured article plaque, or simply asking you that question. Either way, you’ve got an opening to strike up a conversation about an event you’re familiar with.

Being able to have a good starting point for a conversation that keeps the subject squarely in your comfort zone can go a long way towards impressing potential clients. Because, when you’re speaking about subjects that you are familiar with, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and create a positive first impression.

Reason #3: Plaques Help Establish Your Credibility

Talking a good game is a great first step towards impressing a client, but not every client will simply take your word for it when you tell them how great you and your company are. They’ll want to see evidence of your past work from reliable sources.

What source could be better than a major publication that covers news in your industry? When people need information, they often get it from specialized industry publications. Because of this, they tend to respect and trust the information found in these publications.

Having a custom wall plaque showcasing a story about you and your company that was featured in a major publication is clear evidence that you and your company are reliable and reputable. This not only impresses customers, but it can put them at ease and make them feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Reason #2: To Motivate Employees

Of course, your featured article plaque doesn’t have to be about just your own accomplishments. You can also make a plaque of an article about your company as a whole or the accomplishments of an employee as well.

Hanging these plaques in and around the office shows employees that their actions and efforts on behalf of the company do matter, that they have a purpose and an impact. When employees know that their work is being recognized, they’re much more likely to be engaged with their work and do everything that they can to promote the success of the company.

You can even award plaques specifically to employees to give them a tangible symbol of your appreciation for their work.

Reason #1: To Cheer Yourself Up

Our favorite reason to have a plaque in the office is that it can provide that little burst of pride and motivation for you on those days when you just fell like packing it in and going home. Each time you see that story of when you did some big, amazing, news-making thing, you’re reminding yourself that you are special, that you can do whatever you set your mind to, and that the whole office knows it.

So there’s our top five reasons to get a custom wall plaque for your office. Whether you just want to liven up your office’s décor or to show your customers your favorite achievements, you can do it with a plaque today.