Framed Articles as Business Cred: Restauranteurs’ Quality Assurance

Restaurant patrons appreciate good reviews when deciding where to eat, but restaurant owners also need to spread the good news to those who haven’t yet heard. Many upscale restaurants such as the South Beach icon Baoli Miami are adding a touch of class to their well-earned brag walls with custom article mounting that highlights outstanding reviews, such as a recent critical accolade featured in the Miami edition of DiningOut.


Custom Article Mounting Adds Testimony to Spicy Fare
Charlotte Magazine recently featured A Piece of Havana in a recent cover story, replete with a full-color photo of some of its authentic Cuban cuisine and a nod to the restaurant’s rich atmosphere. Cuban expat Belkis Plasencia says the restaurant is the culmination of a lifelong American dream, and it’s anything but boring. According to the feature story, the critics agree, and Plasencia chose to highlight her family’s accomplishment with custom article mounting inside the restaurant – a sort of “word of mouth” in the written form, welcoming her diners with the promise of a palate-pleasing menu.

Preserve the Reviews and “Best of” Distinctions, Even the Cheap Shots
Crisp and clean wooden or acrylic plaques featuring local food critic reviews, “best of” community polls and news of other awards, carry more weight with discerning diners that thumb-tacked clippings. Even the Bronx Pizza Company can attest to the value of custom wall plaques on loyal customers who like to brag on their favorite places. The growing family-owned pizza pub was deemed one of the best “Cheap Eats” by Newsday‘s Queens Edition, and owner-siblings Al and Nancy Zilla knew right away that custom article framing was in order.

Bring it All Home
Positive publicity is a thing worth celebrating in the restaurant business, and it doesn’t matter if your diners enjoy microbrews or microgreens: they will certainly enjoy telling their friends about their favorite eatery’s article of distinction. Then those friends will have to read it for themselves – just before they sit down at your table and order from your menu.

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