Getting Your Event Featured Part Three: Taking it from an Angle

Now for the hook that will earn your event attendance by a living, breathing member of the local paper’s editorial staff. This requires a little creativity, a little spin, and a lot of hype, but it can be done by anyone who wants an event covered.


News-Worthy is How You Spin It
Journalism students are taught that what makes news is how unique the story is. Dog bites man…it’s not news; man bites dog…now, that’s news. Your jewelry store grand opening may only rate a mention on the business page unless you have a thousand people sign up to win an ounce of gold that you’ll give away at the opening. Your gym’s launch of a new weight-lifting circuit could rate a story if you break a Guinness World Record for the most people power-lifting at one time. Your “hook” is what hooks a reporter’s (and reader’s) interest, and your release should focus on it. Work in pertinent business information later in the third (and last) paragraph after the 5 W’s, and keep it short. Reading your press release shouldn’t be work, and the reporter should get the feeling that this story just about “writes itself.” Also, steer clear of writing a commercial in the release. If the release and event feel sales-y, a reporter won’t cover it.

So Just Ask Yourself One Question
No, it’s not, “Do I feel lucky?” Good promotion has little to do with luck, and more to do with promoting not with your business in mind, but with the media outlet’s audience in mind. Think like a photographer when you plan the event, think like a reporter when you write the release, and think like a news consumer when developing your angle. Ask yourself, “Would I want to read this story?,” and try to think outside your business-owner frame of reference. Be an average person for a moment, and come up with an angle that’s interesting and also promotes your business, then plan your event around that.

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