Great News and Recognition Plaques Go Together

The best way to celebrate great news is to have it preserved on a recognition plaque. Great press can be so fleeting but if you have the article professionally laminated onto a beautiful display piece, you ensure it will last a lifetime.

describe the imageRecognition plaques and great news make a wonderful combination. When the press recognizes your hard work, you deserve to be the center of attention. Our recognition plaques are custom made using the finest materials. By having your plaque laminated, the article will never yellow or fade.Please click here to request your free digital preview featuring your press. 

3 Reasons why you deserve a Recognition Plaque

  1. The press has recognized your achievements, now it is time for you to acknowledge that.
  2. You can have your plaque customized on your own laser engraved nameplate.
  3. Your recognition plaque comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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What ways have you seen great news recognized? Please share with us below.