How A Personalized Plaque Made Me Cry

Personalized Plaque1My co-workers and I process over 1,000 article ideas for personalized plaques daily. Because of this quantity we rarely if ever get into the story that is the reason for the plaque; we’re just too involved in the production process and ensuring that we deliver the highest quality product.

But sometimes we do get involved and one particular project actually brought tears to my eyes. Now I think of plaques in a whole new and rewarding way.

It was my birthday dinner last year. My boyfriend had surprised me with reservations to a restaurant I had been dying to go to. Normally, I try not to talk about work outside of work. Honestly, I am pretty sure he doesn’t listen.

But for some reason, after I finished my customary birthday martini, I felt compelled to tell him a touching “work” story about a custom plaque with the hope that he would listen.

It all started with a phone call- a woman called and told me that she was really interested in the idea of buying a plaque for her mentor. She described him as, “being green before it was trendy”. Basically, he had started a business installing solar panels back in the seventies. He had dedicated himself to the idea of self-sustainability and was clearly a pioneer in the industry. It seemed that he had not only spent his entire career dedicated to making the world a better place but he had clearly inspired this woman with continuing his message.

So over the course of a few weeks we worked together on different layouts, adding pictures, and getting the customized plate just right. In the end, we created a beautiful plaque that was truly unique.

Cut back to dinner last year. I am sitting across from my boyfriend and telling him this story. To my surprise, not only had he been listening but he remarked, “Are those tears?”. To which I sarcastically responded, “No, of course not.” But while my lips were saying “no” my expression clearly said “yes.”

This woman (who was a stranger to me) and I had worked together to create a piece that commemorated this person’s entire career. I was sincerely touched by her passion. Of course, by now, I was choked up so at that point we both started laughing and we moved on to other topics. Still, that moment stayed with me.

I realize now that I am doing more than producing plaques. I am helping someone celebrate a great news moment in their life or the life of some special. And this is special to me, and, on occasion, worthy of a tear.

Do you have a special moment that you want to preserve? My colleagues and I would love to assist you and we offer a free online plaque preview to get you started. Just click the link, below.


What are some great moments in press that you have experienced? Please share below.